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John Hagel – Sr.Editor

Email: john@energynewstoday24.com
Phone No: +1 716-359-0737

John is a Senior research analyst at marketbizgroup.com where he heads the ICT, Automotive, Trending AI technology department, that works on future market trends. He is an Engineer and has an MBA from Leeds University Business School. He is a well-known thought leader and a charismatic futurist who combines engineering acumen with strong commercial experience.

Number of Post Published: 5

Recent Post Published: Telecommunication Company Centurylink Shares Dropped By 12%

David Paquette – Co-lead reporter

Email: david@energynewstoday24.com
Phone No: +1 716-359-0737

David is a co-lead reporter of a marketbizgroup.com, managing department like innovative technologies and trending business coverage (Space, science, market share, company profiles takeovers, token sales, etc.). He is graduated Phi Beta Kappa with Honors from the University of Michigan and had a master of arts from Columbia University’s School of Journalism.

Number of Post Published: 451

Recent Post Published: Global Residential Solar Energy Storage System Market Forecast, Marketing Channels, Major Industry Participants and Strategies To 2024

Lara Abramov – Author and Contributor

Email: lara@energynewstoday24.com
Phone No: +1 716-359-0737

Lara is a perpetually traveling writer who focuses on trending tech, health and international e-commerce as seen from the ground. For the past three years, She has been traveling, doing research for a book which should be out in 2019. She has been featured in, interviewed by, or appeared on CNBC Squawk Box, Forbes.com, VICE, BBC World, and NPR Morning Edition.

Number of Post Published: 349

Recent Post Published: Global Smart Energy Market Forecast, Marketing Channels, Major Industry Participants and Strategies To 2024

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